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London, England - 19th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mummy!

We went to London today on the train! We had a trail to follow where you had to find clues and solve a pretend murder.

First we walked down the hill to the train station and hopped aboard the first train. It only took us half the way there and so we had to get off and jump onto a different train. The trains were very busy and there wasn't space to do photos. Once we were there I had a look around and saw this pretty water display. Some ducks were paddling amongst the fountains!

Then we started the trail and came to a big colourful bridge. Underneath the bridge you can see a view of London, including the big, pointy building called The Shard. As we continued along the path, I found a big wheel artwork which was fun to climb on. Next we walked along a path and there was another nice view. This time it was the O2. It is used for music events and shows and has many yellow spikes on the outside. Soon I saw something interesting in the street. A huge red flower! As I approached it I noticed that it was not real. I climbed on it and used it as a slide! The trail finished nearby and we solved the murder!

We then found another train station and hopped onto another train. Then we hopped off the train and onto another train. Then we hopped off of that train and out of a station near The tower of London. We didn't go inside but looking from the outside I could see how impressive it is. Next we walked over to Tower Bridge so NiliHH could complete her life mission. Lots of people were on the bridge and it was very busy. Hostmum popped me into her bag, for safety, and then I was magically back at hostmums house!

Turns out I'd fallen asleep in the bag, there was no magic at all.  :(
It was an exciting day but very tiring.

Little T.B.


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