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Sneakysnail's House, England - 6th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum.

Today was a good day! Hostmum set us all a challenge. To find Merlin her large cat! We had to look all around the house, she promised he was inside somewhere.

Starting by looking for him near his toy, we found nothing, not even any clues. The toy mouse was fun to chat to though. She gets quite a battering from big old Merlin apparently! Next, we moved on to his favourite mat in the kitchen. He wasn't there either but as we were in the kitchen, hostmum made us each a sandwich to keep us going! I suggested we look around the cushions, I've seen him sitting there before from a distance. He was not here either but The WotWots found a clue. A tuft of fluff from Merlin! Feeling re-inspired we went to search the radiator. Whilst looking there, I got very comfy and we all decided we had earned a nap so we settled down on the warm towel draped over the radiator.

Once we had slept for a while, hostmum woke us up and gave us a couple of suggestions of what to do next. NiliHH and I went to ask Nibbles the rabbit if he had seen anything whilst we were snoozing. He hadn't but it was fun getting to know him anyway, he let me stroke his velvet nose. Following hostmums suggestion we went to see if Merlin was on the bed but he was not, there was more fluff though! The next place we searched was his night time chair and the blanket on it. Still nothing but loads of cat fur. It made me sneeze!

FINALLY! we found Merlin, hours later, amongst some cushions we hadn't searched! He was blending in too well, we could not see him! We all went to speak to him and he nuzzled my face. I think he liked me. Just then he rolled over and covered his face, how funny!

At least we found him in the end, I liked him very much!
Bye for now,
Little T.B. :p


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