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Remscheid, Muengsten Bridge, Germany - 19th October 2012

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
the weather has gone crazy - we are having sunshine and about 20C. This was a good reason to make an excursioin to one of the touristic highlights of this reason. Because my host does not have a car, we took a long walk through lovely rural areas and forests to get there. Katja's son accompanied us.

We walked to a distrcit in the West of Remscheid and reached this lovely point soon.



Katja told me that it might be a good idea to put on my hoodie. I did so and ...

... sheep!


This time they believed that I was a sheep and one of them came to the fence, really curious to meet me.


We went into the forest than. Oh, what a lovely view, all those golden leafes!


We rested on a bench for a moment.


This is an extremely large beech - Katja loves this tree.


This tree is showing several route markings. The encircled "R" means Roentgenweg. It is following the border of the municipal area of Remscheid, about 62 km long. It is named after the founder of the X-rays who was born in Lennep, one of the historic districts of Remscheid.


We simply had to follow our path downhill to the bottom of the valley.



River Wupper is flowing in the valley.


I saw a cute little outlook pavilion at the opposite side of the valley. Katja told me that you had a spectacular view to our destination from there.


We were visiting Muengsten Bridge, Germany's highest railway bridge. It is connecting Remscheid and the neighbour city Solingen, overspanning the valley of the river Wupper.

Here it came into sight.


The bridge was built of steel in late 19th century, it is 465 m long and 107 m high. You can find more information here, in German.

The bridge is so wide that it is nearly impossible to take a proper photo of the whole bridge. Of course our host knows the location where she could take a halfway proper picture. On our way there we had a look at the leisure park which was built under the bridge some years ago. You can find large lawns with benches for relaxing, playgrounds for the kids, a crazy golf course and riddles. We preferred sitting on a bench, enjoying the lovely surrondings and the sunshine.


This is river Wupper.



Isn't it looking fantastic?



We had to walk back home than. I found something weird in the forest - a puddle oracle! I asked the orcacle aobut the weather  for the coming days and about my family at home. The oracle told me that we would have great weather at the weekend and that my family at home in Switzerland would be finde, everybody happy that I met more sheep.



We came along a stadium, construction works were taking place there.


Can you see the church tower in the background of the photo?


This is where I am living at the moment, another five minutes walk from this church. I will fall into my bed in the evening, my little feet are already hurting .


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