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Make Mantou, China - 10th October 2012

By: Monachu

Hi, mom!  :p
Please see: Today, the sky. From host home 3 floor of the attic window.

Today we and grandma try to make "Mantou". This is the northern region traditional staple food, but grandma didn't do a good job, because she is a southerner. Usually host home rarely eat Mantou.
About Mantou, mom please see here: Mantou

1, Grandma put black kerneled rice, grinding by machine. Black becomes dark purple! I like it. :)


2, Take it and flour, mixed. Making a dough.



3, Into the steam pot, steamed 25 minutes.

Ok!!! We can eat it!!! It 's not pretty? haha.... ;)

Then, hostmom for me to write something, in my notebook.  :p

Now here is 20:39. Love you, mom!  B)

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