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host's home, China - 9th October 2012

By: Monachu

Oh!!! Mom, you can see, I arrived safely at the China!  :p I only meet hostmom and grandma today, grandpa went to a relative's wedding. I really very happy, they love me! Hostmom was surprised, because usually from Austria to China mail, need at least 15 days. I give they a surprise! I also met a friend: Lucy sheep, she also is from Austria.

Host family want to say: thank you very much, thank you from the Austria blue butterfly cute gift. Mom, they will send you some Chinese postcards, please waiting.


I helped hostmom put the blue butterfly, decoration on the fridge!




Grandma to get ready for the dinner, I was in the kitchen with her.

Mom, now here is 19:23, I will eat dinner.
Love you!

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