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Hamburg, Germany - 15th September 2012

By: franzi4690

Since I already missed the water on my first day here (Well.. I'm a Pinguin!), I wanted to make a trip to the harbour.

So we took the "Jazztrain" to the city. Jazztrain is a once a year kind of festival where they play live music in one special underground train. It was cool that something like this happened when I was here!!!

When we arrived at the "Landungsbrücken", we made a harbour boat trip. The water was very bumpy this day, but luckily my host had a look after me when I was leaning over the rail. But of course this view was worth the risk!

I saw some ships, the "Elbphilharmonie", and even kissed the AIDAmar.

The whole trip made me sooooo hungry I had to eat one BIG, FAT fish sandwich  :D

2012-09-15 16.50.28.jpg

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