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Wuppertal, Germany - 10th September 2012

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

today we visited an arboretum in Wuppertal, the "Staatsforst Burgholz". An arboretum is a collection of trees, sort of a botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants intended at least partly for scientific study. We went to "Staatsforst Burgholz", a woodland area which is situated in both urban area of Wuppertal and also the urban area of Solingen, but only a small part of it.

When World War II was over, there were nearly all trees felled for rebuilding of destroyed city areas and also as firewood.

Searching for fast-growing forest species trees from foreign counties were planted than in this area to study their growth in local weather conditions. Plants from North America, South America, Asia and Europe were planted.

There are several walking paths through the arboretum, of course we chose the longest of them, about 6 km long, displaying a variety of trees from Europe, America and Asia. At the parking lot we found a map of the arboretum area.


We decided to walk along a path showing trees of Northern America.



In the background, along the slope different kinds of conifers were planted.


This is the sign we had to follow.


You can find informations about the foreign trees.


The path was covered with clover.


Yellow flowers ...



Our path is meandering through the forest. Look how good "Chief" Emma Squirrel was looking!


Finally we saw sequoia trees.



This was a very interesting trip.


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