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Cornwall, UK - 15th August 2012

By: Thomisa

Well, I have just got back from my first family holiday! We went camping in Cornwall, in the south west of England.

This is me in the car just about to begin the long drive. I found the marshmallows but Mum said I wasn't allowed to eat them as they were for a yummy treat when we're there.


Here I am on the beach:


It was a lovely sunny day.  B) I did a bit of sunbathing and turned a fetching, slightly darker, shade of yellow.

Then the sun disappeared... We just managed to cook our bananas with Nutella chocolate spread and of course, mini marshmallows, before the rain came down and we had to run and hide in the car! It was rather delicious anyway though!


Another day we went to Land's End, which is the furthest westerly point on the mainland. It was soooo windy. I very nearly got blown away a few times, but Mum held on to me tightly.


That building in the distance is the first and last house in the country!

It was so much fun on holiday. I can't wait to start my world travels. Mum said I can go soon, but not just yet...

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