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To learn Japanese

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Make a pizza in Italy

Eat marshmallows in 10 different countries (1/10 completed)

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Hertfordshire, UK - 10th August 2012

By: Thomisa

Hello  :D My name is Mini Marshmallow. This is me:

And this is me with two future ToyVoyagers - Noodle the Dog and Wilfred the Owl.

I live in Hertfordshire with my mum, dad, brother and sister. We live just north of London, where my mum grew up. We have lots of fun together but I'm very excited to be off travelling soon. My mum has always loved travelling and she wants me to experience lots of things in the world too.

I told Mum that the thing I want to do most is eat lots of marshmallows. She wasn't too impressed...  :o So she's helped me come up with 4 other life missions as well, which she thinks will help me grow as a person/marshmallow.

PS I need to figure out how to put photos in the right places in my travelog  :mad:


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