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Lake Harriet, Minnesota, USA - 26th September 2012

By: lazyfairy

I leave here today.  It's time to continue my travels with a new host.  I can't wait to see adventures I will have!

Before I leave, I wanted to see some more nature around here.  We took a walk by Lake Harriet.  It was a very beautiful morning.


While looking around, I found a very interesting tree with a little door.  This is the house of Mr. Little Guy, an elf that live here in the Summer.  You can leave letters for him, and he will answer.


I knocked on the door, but then I noticed a sign.  It says that he has moved from this cabin to his castle for the Winter.  I guess Minnesota Winters are just too cold for him.  On the side of the tree, I could see the letters he left for his friends.

I wondered if living in a tree counted as a green roof.  It's really cool, but I think I want to see a real green roof.

After all this, I am off to the post office. 

Goodbye my friends
see you soon!

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