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going to London or another famouse places

seeing Usain Bolt

making a photo with a elephant

surfing in a see

going to Olympia

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London, England - 12th July 2013

By: Deborah

It was a lovely sunny day, and Arthur found himself drawn back to the River Thames. He was quite overawed by Cleopatra’s Needle, which is 21 metres high, and which was first erected in Heliopolis in Egypt around 1450 BC. It now stands on the Victoria Embankment, having been given to the UK in 1819 and transported there at great expense in 1877.

The needle is guarded by two sphinxes. Arthur felt a bit intimidated by them at first, but they turned out to be quite friendly, as did the dolphins on the lampposts.

Sphinx (Medium).JPG
London Lamp (Medium).JPG

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