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Novosibirsk, Russia - 19th April 2008

By: Oksana

Today is Rangler's last day in Novosibrsk with us. Tomorrow morning he will be on his way to England to Steve and Helly.
That's why we decide to have much fun today evening.
We played with Oksana's Guinea pigs and feed them with salad:

Then we watched the old Russian movie about children- how they were looking for the treasure. It was very interesting!

When the movie was over Budd offered to look for some treasure in Oksana's flat ;). We liked his idea very much!
And can you imagine that in the end we found the place where Oksana keeps her money! :))) We were very happy, but then Oksana saw us with her money and we had to run away from her 8))

We found the scales in the bedroom and we sat down on it to see our weight, but perhaps that scales was broken, because it didn't show anything :(

After that we decided to read some very interesting magazine about teddybears:

When we finished reading, I continued to examine
Oksana's flat. Here I'm in the vase- Oksana decorated it with

And here's the fish clock. Oksana made it herself and
now this clock hangs in her bedroom:

Look! Here I'm with the fairies. Oksana made them
of cotton wool:

And here Budd and me are playing with a big toy dog:

It's late already and we are going to sleep. We had such a nice time here with Rangler and we will miss him!
I hope we can meet someday again!

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