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Remscheid, Germany - 22nd May 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today we made Lamingtons, an Australian cake. Katja said that some mentors of TVs talked in the forum about Lamingtons. She was curious about Australian cake so she decided to try it out.

Tomorrow her nephew is celebrating his birthday. His birthday was last week. He was on vacation with his parents then so the party will be tomorrow. We will take some of the Lamingtons to the party.

Katja didn't make photos when we prepared the dough because she had to recharche the camera's batteries first. They were ready when the cake was also ready.

We made most of the cake with coconut like it's written in the receipe. Katja's brother-in-law does not like coconut so we made some pieces with chocolate granules. I'm sure they taste good also. Those with coconut are delicous and very moist.




On Saturday I will climb into my envelope for visiting the Netherlands. Katja said that they also have good cake there.


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