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Montreal, QC, Canada - 30th January 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we stayed in because it was too cold outside. Mom said outside feels like around -33, yikes! But apparently it's normal around here though Mom doesn't like the cold much.

First while mom was doing a little studying, I relaxed reading aone of mom's books about Queen Elizabeth I.

It's was an interesting read so far. What an interesting life!

Later we watched Hockey Day in Canada which is held everyday to celebrate the game of hockey. This year it was held in Stratford, ON, home of the world famous Shakespearean Festival.  We watched and heard different hockey stories about teamwork and stuff from all over the country.

Then after all 6 Canadian NHL fteams face each other. Mom didn't care about the first game (Montreal Canadiens vs. Ottawa Senators) because she was not a big fan of either team.

The second game she was more interested in because one of her favourite teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs were playing against the Vancouver Cancucks. The Leafs were up 3-0 after the 1st but ultimately lost 5-3, mom was not happy.

The 3rd and final game had the Edmonton Oilers Vs. the Calgary aka the Battle of Alberta. Mom was happy that her Flames were leading 5-1 after the 2nd and eventually won 6-1. Mom was happy that one of her teams won.

Time for bed :D!

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