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Chester Zoo, England - 6th September 2012

By: Gizalba

Guess what mum?!! I've completed a life mission! :D I saw monkeys in the zoo!!! B)

When we first went through the entrance I was greeted by a group of big ducklings. Maybe they were teenage ducks... But one was a bit too interested and tried to peck me! :stare: There was an old man nearby laughing his head off :p But don't worry, I wasn't harmed!

Then we headed straight for the monkey house! I saw some Spider Monkeys and behind me you can see one trying to steal the other's food ;)

We saw butterflies, and turtles, and then we found the Apes! I got excited because I saw an ape that looked very much like me, as she had lovely white fur :) She looked so much like me that when seeing the picture of her swinging my host's brother said 'how did you get Jala up there?!' Then he took a closer look and realised that it wasn't me! Haha. I wish I could have been swinging up there! She swung all the way along. I hope you don't mind that I am not on two of them, we had to zoom to get a better picture.

BUT, we have done some research, as my host was a bit silly and didn't know the difference between apes and monkeys :thinking: It is weird but she didn't even notice Sienna doesn't have a tail! But I do have a tail. So it turns out that I am indeed a monkey, but Sienna is an APE! :stare: And on the second white ape picture I can see that she hasn't got a tail. So, she can't be one of me :( I was still inspired by her powerful movements though.

Next up were penguins, and then we heard scary dinosaur sounds! Surely the dinosaurs haven't come back from extinction?!... But they had! How exciting. Well, it would have been scary had we not quickly figured out that they weren't real, which explains our casual sunbathing in front of them :p Hehe. But they did keep trying to squirt us with water! They missed us and got my host instead ;)

I found some bamboo! :D Look mum, I am still practising my climbing!

Later on we found some more monkeys; miniature ones this time. Do you think this one is a relative of mine? He has similar colouring but his tail is dark and mine isn't. Hmm. Unfortunately he couldn't seem to hear me through the glass to see what he thought of my features. I am glad I don't have to stay behind glass though, I love being a free spirit!

We tried to get some close-up pictures of the penguins swimming, but they were very quick and the water was murky, so they aren't too good.

We then got back into my host's friend's car which I liked very much as it had an open top and it was a lovely warm day :D

It seems that summer has finally arrived here in Britain! *touch wood*. I hope it stays this sunny.

I hope you are well mum!

Love Jala x

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