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Pub in Berlin, Germany - 4th July 2012

By: Yosemite

Mummy, Mummy!

I see blue! ONLY BLUE!!!

We had a date with so much blue elephants!  B) And one of them was my brother Fanti! So great to meet him here! What a surprise! And we also met his host, Blaufant Voltaire, he is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig blue elephant! Not only big, but also a very wise guy!

He talked about his life, his experiences and about elephantastic philosophy (not easy to pronounce).

In his wisdom he leaded us right to the glass with beer. We built a living tower and I was at the top  :D
But the others should get something, too! So we shared the beer.

The beer made us courageous! We tried do build a pyramid out of elephants. And it worked!

Even more! We managed it to build a pyramid out of 6 living, blue elephants!!!

Ant I took part! It was no life mission, but also a lot of fun  B)


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