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Barcelona, Spain - 28th May 2012

By: SiniS

Today mommy has said to me to go out for a walk and… visit enchanted places! :D We have a book where some itineraries are marked on a map. Where do we go? Let me see…

It is quite far from home so we go by skating!!!! As I’m too small and we haven’t found skates for me, I will go in mommy’s bag.

Our first stop is Estació de França, a train station named so because the trains go to France from there, built in 1929 where it was another station, La Riba, built in the previous century.
When La Riba was built, many children started to disappear in the zone and people talk about they were carried away by violence by El Hombre del Saco (the boogeyman) to get their fat to grease the trains. It’s scary, isn’t it? :o

Our second stop is the Government Representation building.
In 1907, the civil government Ángel Ossorio Gallardo ask a seer to help him against terrorism in the city.

Our next and last stop is l’Església de Sant Miquel del Port, a church situated in a place that was a little island until the XVII century named as Illa de Maians. People say that in that island you were able to see the souls of priests drowned officiating to the souls of fishermen and sailors who died in the sea. Also, they say that sea demons lived there.
-Can we go in, mommy?
-No, Zero, the church is closed.

During our walk, we have seen a parade!!!! It’s really funny!!!! Lalalalala!!!!!!

It’s late and we have a long way home. Let’s take a little rest and come back.

See you!!!!! Byeee!!!

* Posted May 29, 2012, 10:27 pm Last edited Jun 5, 2012, 8:14 pm by SiniS [Quote] Go to the top of the page


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