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North Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America - 6th June 2012

By: Chloe09

Hi Mom!!

I arrived safely in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America! I was welcomed by NoMi and his mom. http://i838.photobucket.com/albums/zz301/Chloelynn09/P4300049.jpg


I wanted to be sure that you knew where I was living! It's a nice house....4 other people live here besides Chloe09! There are also three dogs.....they were big and scary. Chloe09 didn't let them near me because I was a little scared!


I was lucky enough to meet NoMi before his journey off to Portsmith, England! My first trip was to the Post office to see NoMi off! Even though I only spent a little bit with him, he was interesting and had lots of cool stories to tell me!


After giving NoMi a happy goodbye.....we went and visited an outlet store filled with discount bread! She let me try a few different kinds that were there. They were surprisingly good!! You should have seen all the bread, mom!! It was awesome!!!



Look at all the bread we bought too!! She let me pick out some!!


That's all we did today. I'm having fun so far! Don't worry about me, Mom! I'm having fun and being VERY good taken care of!!

Miss you! Love you!!

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