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Portsmouth, UK - 20th May 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter

Today something very exciting came in the post!

We were all lying in bed, because Frances had finished her English course so didn't have to go in to college as early, and we heard something coming through the letterbox. Frances ran downstairs, and brought it up saying that she thought it was for us.

It was hard work opening it - obviously it had been carefully packaged so no one would break into it while it travelled, but that made it hard for us toys to get in! Bullseye found that his teeth were very useful, but we had to stop him eating the envelope! We knew it couldn't be another toy, because it was the wrong shape, but we couldn't think what it could be.

Eventually we got it out. It is a beautiful notebook! Inside, there was a lovely letter, and the pictures of the toyvoyagers who are staying with mmm105. We had a lot of fun reading it!

Alberto and I are planning on writing in the notebook at some point on the weekend. We just need to work out where Frances keeps her crayons...

Jessie & Bullseye :) xx

PS Hello out there other TVs! If you want to participate in this travelling notebook, get your host to visit this forum post: http://www.toyvoyagers.com/forum/index.php?a=topic&t=5555#p5


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