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Paderborn, Germany - 22nd February 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mummy!
I arrived at my first host!!! I was so excited, sticking in the envelope and listening to the whispering voices out of it...I took heart, looked out of the envelope and saw a lot of friendly faces and a Welcome-Tiffy-sign!
I crawled out for watching closely and thought I was dreaming again: There was Erol!!! "Erol!", I shouted, but the pirate cleared his throat and said "No, I am Störte." First I was a bit disappointed, but in the course of the evening I realized that he is a very gentle, obliging and humorous pirate  :rolleyes:
Störte said he is the TV of my host's husband, so we can spend a lot of time together...
I showed my little presents and everybody marveled especially at my identity card.
But due to all the excitements I got very tired and Störte and Claas the zebra allowed me to sleep on their knees...
Good night, Mum! Yours Tiffy

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