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Langeoog, Germany - 12th March 2014

By: mcdaniels

Dear mum,
today we went to Langeoog island by ferry. From Langeoog harbour we drove to the centre of the island by a nice old train.
For exploring the island of course we borrowed two bikes. On our way to the beach we met a bull with imposing horns (definitely no typical Frisian bull  ;) ). We visited the water tower and a very funny sign. The beach was as great as our tour through the dunes. We climbed up the highest point of Langeoog and had a great view! When we carried on cycling suddenly a nice seagull landed and said "Hi, I'm Emma and I decided to come with you!" and so she did. Back in Langeoog-town we met a fisherman before it was time to say goodbye to this great island.
Yours Josie

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