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Moscow, Russia - 2nd August 2012

By: Trissa

Today Triss showed one of the most interesting of the Moscow metro stations.
Station "Revolution Square" opened March 13, 1938. The station is the work of the architect Dushkin and has the status of the identified cultural heritage site. The name has the same name space (up to 1918 it bore the name of the Resurrection).
The decoration of the station used the black marble of the Armenian "davalu", combined with white, gray and golden marble of other breeds. The station hall is illuminated by two rows of round chandeliers-flat "plates".
Narrow passages between the base of the pylons are decorated in a steep semi-cylindrical arches, resting on low broad pedestals. On these pedestals 76 bronze sculptures depicting the Soviet people. All figures (except for figures of pioneers) in order to fit in a limited volume of the vaulted archway, depicted either embarked on his knee, or bending over, or sitting. In this regard, said that the statue represents the image of the Soviet people - "it's all or sitting, or kneeling"


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