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Jyväskylä, Finland - 29th March 2012

By: mmm105

Hi Mom,

It's me, Sylvia.
I arrived already in Finland. My traveltime from Germany to Finland was quite fast, don't you think?
Hi hii, it's only a good thing, because now I can start my very first visit and adventure. I just can't wait, what things I will experince here. I'm so exited!!!

Mom, just take a look the following pictures, and you can see, that I'm fine. :)

When I came out of my envelope, I saw two small creatures, a big cat, and a human, too. They all said they were waiting for me.
Human introduced herself as my hostmom. She told me that the cat might look big, but he is very kind. Two little creatures, other travelling toys, were so happy that I came there. 


Both travelling toys gave me a warmly welcome hugs! So lovely!  :)

First was Porridge...


...And then was Luna, who is hostmom's own toy, but is at home right now


I told that I have some little things, surprises, for all in my envelope. And I showed them.


Hostmom's cat wanted to get know me better,too. So, we said "Hello!" to each other in cats' language. :)



And we all became friends!  :D


Then hostmom showed me from the map, where I am.

First, the map of the hole World...


...then little closer... the Europe...


...little more closer...


...and even more closer...


Mom look, I'm sitting on Finland!!!
How small this country is!!! ...Or I'm a BIG one!!! hi hii... Funny!  :D


Lots of love,

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