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Remscheid, Germany - 10th April 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today we took a walk in the evening, Katja, her daughter, Shaggy Bear and me. We went through an old district of Remscheid, called "Blumental", in English it would be "Flower Valley". In this district many streets are named as operas written by Richard Wagner, for example we have a Valkyrie-Street, Tannhaeuser-Street, Rhinegold-Street, Parzival-Street and some more.

In this district you can find some beautiful old houses like these:



When we left this district we had to walk a short distance through a forrest. I saw this tree cave (I don't know how to say for such a large hole in a tree) and I tried to detect if maybe an animal would live there. But I could not see any.


From here you can see the silhouette of Remscheid. The sun has already begun to go down. Look, you can even see the tower of the town-hall, almost exactly in the middle of the photo, a little bit left of my nose.




When we arrived at Katja's home it was already dark. So we went to bed. Tomorrow we will go with Katja to the law firm.


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