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See some of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and learn to surf

Eat some traditional foods, and get recipes for my mom at home

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Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - 28th December 2008

By: cyndir

Finally time to update my log!

Rachael told me that she feels really bad about not being able to update my log until now.  Her camera's been broken, and she finally got a new one.  Yay!  That means lots and lots of picture taking.  She's only had a new and working camera for a few days, but she's already taken over 300 hundred pictures!

And tomorrow she's promised to take even more since we're going to the beach!  Yay!  I can't wait to go the beach.  She said we're going to go snorkeling and maybe even try surfing!  I can't wait!

Those two big dogs I'm pictured with are Rachael's golden retrievers and their names are Loki and Cyndir.  They seem nice.  I hope we can become real good friends!

I made two other friends too and their names are Bobbie and Josh.  They're in the picture with me.

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