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Bologna, Italia - 7th June 2010

By: annix

Hi mom,
after our holiday at the seaside we decided to visit Bologna. We took a train and in a couple of hours we arrived.
Bologna is a beautiful town, we went to the Cathedral of St. Petronio, we saw the most important buildings like the palaces of the government, the Neptune fountain and the tower called "Donkeys Tower" which is the symbol of the town. You can see a lot of red flags... it's because Italy is celebrating the 150 anniversary of its Republic!
As soon as we arrived in Milan we saw that some new toy voyagers were waiting for us... I'll introduce them to you very soon!

Frankie 38.jpg
Frankie 39.jpg
Frankie 40.jpg
Frankie 41.jpg
Frankie 42.jpg
Frankie 43.jpg
Frankie 44.jpg
Frankie 45.jpg
Frankie 46.jpg
Frankie 47.jpg
Frankie 48.jpg
Frankie 49.jpg
Frankie 50.jpg

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