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Durham City, England - 30th October 2011

By: Gizalba

Today we had a quick trip to town to get some shopping essentials. We visited the town centre with these pretty statues. The second one is Neptune I think, he looked very superior with his Trident :)  Due to the clocks moving back it seemed to get dark extremely quickly!

On the way back along the river we took a nice picture where you can see the small crescent moon. Can you spot it?!

Ten minutes later we reached my host's college, but it was so dark by this time that I kept coming out completely white when we tried using a flash! I turned into a ghost :D For the best effect I had to remove myself from the picture :o I wanted to include this pic though as we thought it looked rather eerie, the night before Halloween!

today 073.JPG
today 075.JPG
today 077.JPG
today 082.JPG
today 084.JPG
today 095.JPG
today 100.JPG
today 103.JPG
today 102.JPG

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