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East Lansing, MI, USA - 20th August 2011

By: kessalia

Mel only does one or two BBQ gigs with her dad per year now, but he only calls her in when it's a BIG gig.  So we all got up way way to early and drove all the way to East Lansing, near the state capital.  We didn't get to sight see though, because we got right to work!

Well, the people got to work.  We mostly just sat and watched.  ;)

There wasn't a lot to do while the smoker was warming up, but we couldn't go far because we were in charge of watching the fire to make sure it stayed hot enough, but not too hot!  We took turns watching the thermometer and called Mel if it needed more wood.


The smoker is big, but there are a lot bigger ones out there. We filled it all the way up and could have used more room!


We cooked baked potatoes, ribs, baked beans, chicken, and pulled pork.  Poor Einstein, Mel had forgotten to warn him!  He spent most of the day in the truck.  All of us were working so hard we didn't remember to eat anything!  Though we did snack on Mel's bag of chips while we all sat in the truck during the BIG storm that blew through!  Mel had to stay outside and keep cooking but she made sure we were safe.

At the end the sun came back out and the sponsor wanted some photos, so here Mel posed with the guy who provided the sauces, and her dad.  And some of the trophies they have won for their cooking!


Check out this funny one Dad just won in Texas this spring!  It looks like a TV sized outhouse!  :p


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