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Washington DC, United States - 16th April 2011

By: tarepanda

We left the American Indian museum and continue on to the next one.  The Smithsonian Institution has a total of 19 museums and a zoo, all free entrance to the public.  Many of the museums are in an area called The Mall: Air and Space Museum, American Art Museum, Natural History Museum, Freer Gallery of Art,  African American History and Culture Museum, as well as American History Museum, which we are visiting next.  At both ends of the Mall you can see the Capitol building and the Washington Monument. 



Continental gunboat Philadelphia is the only surviving gunboat built and manned by American Forces during the Revolutionary War.  It was built and sunk in 1776.


This is a model of how the boat might look like.


Next we visit some exhibits about the children of presidents.  This is a toy house built for one of the children. 


A representation of the streets named after presidents. 


There is an exhibition about the First Ladies' dresses.  This one was worn by Martha Washington, George Washington's wife in the early 1780s.


On the left side is  white silk damask evening gown Julia Grant wore in the early 1870s.  The rose-patterned fabric was a gift from the emperor of China.  Lucy Hayes wore the gold damask and cream satin gown displayed on right to the White House New Year’s reception in 1880.


These are the dresses worn by Hilary Clinton and Laura Bush at their inaugural balls.


And this pretty white one was worn by Michelle Obama.


Next we visit an exhibit about African American slavery.  It's very sad to read about the cruelty they endured.



American buffalos used to roam the land.  Now they are very reduced in numbers. 


The museum shows how people lived in the past.  It's a lot of work for small tasks, like washing clothes!!


This marble statue was sculpted for the centennial of George Washington's birth.  He is considered the father of the country.  The statue was modeled after Greek God Zeus, but unfortunately when it arrived in Washington, DC in 1841, it generated controversy and criticism. Many found the sight of a half-naked Washington offensive, even ridiculous.  In the end, the people decided to just build an obelisk.


There's an exhibition about pop up books.  We really like that, the books are so beautifully crafted.


These open up as stars.


In the exhibit about transportation, this depicts the first automobile drive across the country in 1903.


Trains are very important, even today, in transporting goods, as well as people. 


This is how a school bus used to look like.


Finally at the basement level is an exhibit of Julia Childs.  She introduced French cooking to the Americans. 


The moved her kitchen into the museum.


She had many gadgets in her kitchen, from old fashion mortar and pestle to new electric blender. 


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