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Manly West Qld , Australia - 17th May 2011

By: Granny

Today I visited my new friends again.  We had lots to talk about and I heard about their adventures and where they had been.  Some of my new friends come from Canada, England, Ireland and USA and now they have made their home in Australia.
My favourite new friend is Monkey.  He looks a bit grumpy but actually he is very happy and friendly and has lots of interesting and funny stories to tell.
Monkey has invited me to join his family on an Australian Outback Adventure Holiday.  They are leaving in 4 weeks time and are going to travel through and explore the Northern Territory and Western Australia.
I don't know what to do now.  Will I return to Australia and join Monkey on this adventure in Australia or will I be set free in Hawaii?

Ah!!  Decisions, decisions!!
Poppy xxxooo  :thinking:

Poppy, Monkey & Friends - Copy.JPG

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