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Wynnum, Australia - 14th April 2011

By: ByronsBear

My name is Poppy and I am a teddy bear. I am very brave as I am leaving home very shortly to go on a big adventure!

First I had to say goodbye to my family. I tried to say goodbye to Oliver the dog. But he was sad that I was leaving. Eventually he got over it, and gave me a big lick!

Then I said goodbye to George the fish. He didn't seem too bothered that I was going at all. But that's all right because I never really liked him anyway. He's too mean, always trying to bite me through his tank...

Lastly I said goodbye to my owner. She gave me one last cuddle, then sat me down to contemplate my next move. I hope I get to meet some really nice people and see some exciting things! If you are reading this then you're probably one of those really nice people! :) Please take good care of me, let me join in with your lives for a while, then set me free again so I can see as much of this beautiful world as possible!

Poppy xxoo


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