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Visit Africa and See Lots of Different African Wildlife

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Pictured With Lots of Indian Statues, Taj Mahal, Visit Dehli, Himalayan Mountains, and See The India

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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 3rd April 2008

By: sararingham

My name is Jubilee Bunny! I'm a happy little bunny that no one found during Easter time, so I've been left, to suffocate in all the huge toys that were covering me and my identical twin - Sara had to choose and she chose me, but it was okay with my sister because he was having fun with the other toys, whereas I wasn't. I was ready to have a family, and little did I know... to travel the world!


My mom offered me a good home and a nice time traveling the world and I jumped at the idea, literally, I was more than happy to see the world. So off I go, my mom says I'll be traveling to India as my first stop, and even seeing the Taj Majal! How exciting is that? That's not something a little brown bunny like me sees everyday! So I'm quite excited, but I'm nervous too!

My mom says if you'd like to host me ever please to contact her and she'll put you on the list - I'd love to visit everywhere, especially Europe, mom's told me all about everything you can see there! I hope to visit you soon, and please keep me safe, I'm scared and I don't want to get lost! :-)

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