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Visit and have my picture with the Historic Centre of Oaxaca and Archaeological Site of Monte Albán

Visit Washington DC and have my picture with the licoln memorial and other famous statues/monuments

See stone henge, watch for lockness monster and visit London (big ben, london eye, buckingham palace

Visit Malaysia, China and walk the Great Wall and see Tokyo Japan and Mt Fuji

Visit Africa and see the ocean, Table mountain, and an african animal (with pictures)

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Washington, D.C., USA - 9th July 2008

By: Kaiwiopele

Hello! Yesterday was very exciting as we went down into Washington D.C.
First we had a super fun time trying to park at the Metro but we made it eventually and found our way down to the monuments.

First we decided to go to Madame Tussaud's Wax museum. This was a lot of fun and I got to meet lots of interesting wax people.

First E.Aldrin an Astronaut...up up and away!

Madame Tussaud herself.

And the super handsome Johnny Depp (Tiger the Best and Kaiwi are also here) We tricked her sister into thinking she had really met him and that was really funny. She freaked out till she realized we were kidding. h aha

then we Tackled the monuments. It was super hot outside but the walkway to the Lincoln Memorial was shaded with lots of trees.

Here is the view looking from the Lincoln Memorial towards the reflecting pool and the Washington Monument.

The next three pictures are of the World War II monument. (This is between the reflecting pool and the washington monument)
And I'm in the bottom right of this one, above the Virginia part. I'm very tiny but I am there!

Lastly, me with the Washington Monument. Today was tons of fun!


We had a lot of fun being able to complete one of my life missions. : )

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