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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 10th June 2008

By: Eryah

Hello Mommy!

I finally have some time to show you the pictures of my arrival.
Nepomuk and i were whaiting in the envelope and i got so scared! I heard a lot of voices and allthought they sound nice, i didn't knew who they were and what i can expected.

But Nepomuk wasn't scared at all and he jumped out of the envelope. Suddenly i was alone in it.

Nepomuk told me there was no reason to be frightened so i decided to come out. I know i can trust Nepomuk.

He was right! The other TV's were so nice to me and some of them told me they were also scared to come out so i won't haved to be ashamed for that.
Let me introduce these nice fellows to you.

This are from the left to the right:
# Summy
# Nepomuk
# Count
# Ambrosius
# Margarida
# Me
# Roberto (the monkey in front of us)
# Lumi (the little bear)

We made another groups picture for later when we are all further on our trail and we can remind this moment.
I think i'm gonna have a lot of fun here!

Big hugs Dottie

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