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Den Bosch, The Netherlands - 21st May 2008

By: Marjolein


Marjolein was very excited today because Manchester United was playing in the Champions League final. Uhm, yeah well Marjolein is a big, no HUGE Manchester United fan. So she was constantly screaming during the gaming and pinching me when she found it too scary. Well, there was nothing else to do for LiLA Bear and me, then just make ourself comfy and watch the game.


Well, it was excited, Manchester scored a goal, Chelsea scored a goal, there was extra time, a Chelseadude hit a Manchesterdude and the Chelseadude got a red card so he had to leave. But it stayed 1-1 so it all came down to penalty's. Christiano Ronaldo (Manchester) missed his penalty, giving Chelsea some hope.
Edwin van der Sar (the goalkeeper of the Dutch national footballteam) was having a though time at first, guess he was tired.


But Edwin van der Sar did very good. John Terry (Chelsea) also missed his penalty and then Van der Sar stopped the penalty of Anelka (Chelsea) and this means:

Manchester United won the Champions League!!


Marjolein was jumping up and down and screaming and really acting a bit weird. But the people on tv where acting even more strange, but I guess they were all very happy with winning.


Can you see me?


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