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Bruchsal, Germany - 14th May 2009

By: fam-united

So here is my first post. I thought, that you maybe like to get some ideas of what is interesting for me to do and see. But be sure, that these are only some hints for you, everything will be fine for us as long as it is the way, that children can read it.

If you have any problems, please contact my owner. She surely will help you.

Please try to add the longitude and latitude to your update, so the map shows the places I visited.


-Sit on a horse
-Cook with someone in Russia
-Collect recipes
-Ride the swanboats in Boston, MA
-Attend dragon festivals
-Attend dragon boat festivals
-Have my photo taken with someone dressed in Geisha-clothes
-Go on a fishingtrip
-Join a typically Polish holiday/party/dinner/game
-Eat pasta with a family from Italy
-Have my picture taken in front and inside of any store
-Visit churches
-Eat an icecream with my host in a warm country
-Go to an American Football game
-Join a family anywhere in the world for a boardgame
-Go to an icehockey match
-Watch the view from the top floor of a very high building
-Dance a traditional dance
-Go to a bookstore in Finland
-Have my picture taken with the flag of the country I am in, in as many countries/states as possible
-Have my picture taken with a policeman or anyone else in uniform
-Meet some girls in Harajuku fashion
-Meet a (local) famous person
-Go to a concert
-Read the newspaper in the countries I visit
-Read children books
-eat with chopsticks and try calligraphy in China
-To walk in the park Gaudi
-Spend with you one day in the institute / work / college / school
-Visit zoo / national park
-Touch sequoia and eucalyptus
-See the cherry blossoms and Fuji in Japan
-See the geyser or volcano
-Play football in Brazil or Argentina
-Take a picture with a person in national costume
-Play baseball in the U.S.A
-Get photos taken at the post office or/and mailbox
-Learn about flowers, trees and animals

To see:
-houses - not sightseeings
-Old houses in as many countries as possible
-Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
-The London eye
-Christmasmarket in Germany
-Chinese wall
-New York City
-Petronas twin towers, Kuala Lumpur
-The most beautiful sight in Denmark
-Leaning tower of Pisa
-Route 66
-Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
-The northern light
-Surfers on the beach
-Sydney opera
-Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
-Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro
-Machu Picchu
-Nile and Cairo
-Nature, nature, nature...

You maybe want to know, how to do the updates and thing with the photos. So here I want to try to help you:

There are two possibilities to upload the photos. You can resize your photos on your computer via irfanview or photoscape or something similiar. Then you can upload the photos to the toyvoyager site directly. But you also can upload the photos to flickr or something and then you have the possibility to write a text - add a photo - write text - add another photo and so on. If you do it the first way - uploading to toyvoyagers site directly- you can only write a text and add all photos at the end. I hope, you know, what I mean. It's not that easy to explain in another language:), but I will try it again, if you didn't understand.

It is nice, if the photos aren't too small, but they also shouldn't be too large:)

Usually a toyvoyager stays for a month, but if you have any trip planned or even something else, of which you think, that it could be interesting, just let me know and the toyvoyager can stay with you a bit longer - as long as we stay in contact. I had toyvoyagers, that stayed at the same place for one year and we saw some great updates. One hint for the photos: The toyvoyager should be on each of them - only if you have to zoom (which should be seldom), then of course it would be too blurry with it. I usually hold the toyvoyager in armlenght in front of me and the camera close to me, so it isn't blurry. I try to take photos with more than an ear of the toyvoyager, if you know, what I mean - I saw many photos, which show only a small feathery edge of the toy:)

Travel itinery:

Eshara (Trinidad and Tobago)
Nuryko (France)

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