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Heidelberg - At home, Germany - 24th October 2011

By: nuriayasmin

Hi everyone!!

My name is Winter Bear and I'm a small teddy bear who wants to discover the world, especially cold places. If you'd like to host me, please send a pm to my mentor nuriayasmin. However, as a start I'm taking part in a so-called Round Robin. That means we're a group of 4 ToyVoyagers who will each spend a month with the mentor of one of the others.

My travel itinerary looks like this:
1. Visiting mellialida in Germany
2. Visiting grunolana in Germany
3. Visiting Willy Olson in Germany

I'm very much looking forward to starting my journey.

While I was staying here at home I had the opportunity to learn quite a few languages so I guess I won't have problems with communication. Here you can see me studying Japanese.


Apart from the other TV's and stuffed animals who are here, my best friend is Sammy, my mentor's cat.



Perhaps I can show you some pictures of my home and my hometown before I leave, otherwise I will do it when I come back here.

Winter Bear

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