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Rawson Lake, Canada - 28th January 2012

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we were bored to stay at home so, despite the weather forecast not being exactly beautiful, we convinced smaug to head to the mountains :). It was actually a bit cold and cloudy, so we hid in the backpack until we reached the first stop of our day, Rawson Lake. The lake was frozen solid and covered with snow (like everything else around it :rolleyes:) but, half covered by clouds,  we could see the imposing face of Mount Sarrail at the back of it.


On the opposite side of the lake we could see our destination, that ridge up there.


So, up we went in the middle of the trees. Breaking trail in the deep snow was hard work...so we left smaug taking care of that ;).


Once we reached the top, the clouds were getting thicker and lower, but we still could see the frozen shapes of Kananaskis Lakes.


On the way down we had a great idea: instead of sticking with smaug at his painfully slow pace, we decided to practise glissading on the snow and wait for him at the bottom. It was so much fun :D!


On second thought, maybe it wasn’t the best idea ever :rolleyes:. Oouch!


After this little accident we humbly went back in the backpack ad nursed our wounded pride with some chocolate for the rest of the day ;).

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