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Calgary, Canada - 25th December 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Merry Christmas :D!

This morning we found a lot of presents on the floor...


... but, since they didnít seem to be for us :rolleyes:, we focused our attention on some of the sweets that Landroval and Sigfrido brought from France and Italy :).


Later we decided to burn some calories ;) and went for a walk along the river.


That red bridge over there is a new pedestrian passage over the river which was supposed to be open almost 18 months ago :stare:...and that hopefully will be open sometimes next year :rolleyes:.


Back home we expected to have a turkey meal :), but sammino said that he had organize and unconventional Christmas lunch based on his favourite local product...massively thick steaks :D!


After that, to be even more unconventional, we topped the meal with a lovely chocolate cake ;).


Well, eventually we were so full that we fell asleep...dreaming of more food, of course :rolleyes:.

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