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Take me to your leader: photograph with at least 10 people in leadership positions.

To be photographed hugging 100 different people (or critters!).

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To ride on at least 4 different types of transportation (plane on 3/17/13)

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Calgary, Canada - 23rd December 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

After a long time being very quiet (smaug was quite busy and, despite our best efforts to get his attention, we felt a bit invisible over the last few weeks :(), today we had the first glimpse of hope of being active again :). sammino left us for the day and came back with two guests....two deeply asleep guests :stare:.


As they woke up they introduced themselves as Landroval :), a native Canadian eagle coming back for the holidays and Sigfrido, samminoís delegate and representative in France :rolleyes:.


They offered to us some lovely (and very appropriate) sweets that they collected while travelling here :D. But they also told us that they have even more interesting goodies hidden somewhere in their baggage, canít wait to see that ;).


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