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Nuuksio, Finland - 10th May 2015

By: Eohippus

Hello, Sanny, Alex and my other dearies far and wide!  :D

My adventures here in Finland continue with gardening. ;)

When there wasnīt anymore danger of nightly frost, it was time to start the works in Zoeīs kitchen garden.  :)

First we were raking all the branches and twigs away from the area.

Were mixing fertilizer to the ground. Not any chemicals, but very biological fertilizer.
Iīm sure you have heard how good a fertilizer the bird poop is.  :D
It is called "guano" and sold for gardeners.
We, on the other hand, have two birds in our gang and an outhouse where they go.
So, no need to buy anything.  :rolleyes: (Yeh, it was composted before using! Donīt worry!)

More precious guano coming!
"At last you realize my value!" said Zoe. 

Then we were turning the earth over to make it spongy and nice for plants to grow.  :)

We were all working hard, although the maggots we encountered were leading Zoe and Horatio a bit astray very now and then.  :rolleyes:

It was nice work!  :) We were forming benches for the plants, and debating (what else!) what plants we wanted to grow.

"Carrots!" said Racko the donkey.
"Lettuce!" said Momo the cow.
"I want herbs!" said Zoe.
"Letīs grow beans - they make us fart!" said Horatio, and then he was giggling so that he couldnīt stand.
"Some flowers would be nice.." announced brother Casanova. I guess he plans to give them to girls.
"But I want to grow a pumpkin! Want to!" said I.

"A pumpkin!" shouted the others. "A pumpkin doesnīt even fit onto our kitchen garden!"
Well, that was quite true.  :(
But Henna promised I could grow a pumpkin next to her tomatoes! :D Jiihaa!

So we continued working in good spirits, and soon it was time to put the seeds to the earth.  :)


We put all the other seeds to the earth, but the pumpkin seeds.
Those we had to first grow inside the cottage for some weeks, because it was still quite too cold for them outside to survive.  :)


Our little garden looked so great!  :D
I can hardly wait the seeds sprouting and starting to grow!

When the work was done, we put the tools away, and admired the outcome of it.
But there was still one task to do!

To clean the old greenhouse for a new season!

I was brooming the walkway, and Zoe and the brat were taking care of the pots.
I think they were mainly taking care of the spiders and beetles inside them.  :rolleyes:


After the exertion we were all dying for hunger!So we made a fast fire place dish by wrapping all sort of things into metal folio and putting that over the hot embers (Henna had been warming water on the fire to wash dishes).

It didnīt take long!
About 15 minutes and a wonderfull smell started spread around us!  :p

And then we ate!  :p
The funny looking white lumps are "vegan cheese" Henna is learning to make.
The food was really good, even the lumps!  :D

See you soon again!
Many kisses to you all!
Crawfish  B)

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