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Half Moon Bay, California, United States of America - 16th October 2011

By: amb167

Hi, Mom! Today Maggie and her mom decided we would all go to the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival. At first the ride was going nicely, and there was very pretty scenery. But as soon as we got to the two lane section, traffic came to an almost complete stop!! A drive that should have taken us one hour took us more than two and a half! Thankfully everyone stayed in good spirits, so with great music and great company we were able to enjoy the long long ride. Maggie's mom decided to take some silly pictures of us while we waited to get there. There is a picture of the speed limit sign, and then a picture of our speedometer to show how fast (or slow) we were actually going, haha. Next there are some photos of a pumpkin patch we passed, and in the second pumpkin picture you can see the loooong line of cars behind us in the mirror. And the last picture is of me at the pumpkin festival. We finally made it and found parking a half hour before it was over. But, I got to have my photo taken in front of the giant pumpkins that Farmer Mike had carved earlier in the day. I hear he is world famous!

Hope you had fun at the postcrossing event. Considering how our trip went, we probably should have gone to that instead!
Love, Jeremy


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