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Meet a Disney Character.

(2 of 3 completed-San Francisco & Lisbon) Visit three zoos and see a live tiger at each one.

Fly in three different airplanes. (1 of three--Finland to Portugal!)

Have coffee in three different countries. (U.S.A., Finland & Portugal!)

Celebrate a holiday with three different hosts.2 of 3, Halloween with Maggie & Easter with Henn

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San Jose, California, United States of America - 15th October 2011

By: amb167

Good morning, Mom. I had a very nice sleep at Maggie's house. And when we all woke up we sat around and got to know each other a bit. NiliHH is very sweet. She is very excited for our upcoming trip :)

Later in the morning the mail arrived. It came much earlier than normal, and it was very very exciting because Maggie and her mom received 5 packages!!! The first one had another TV!!!!!! Her name is Sunshine and she is really, really nice!! We are all so glad that she arrived in time to visit Disneyland too! Finally all of us are here :) She brought some really cute chocolates to share with us, yummy!!  :p

Once we all introduced ourselves we helped Maggie open the other packages. One package had 25 Disney trading pins. Maggie was so excited!! She loooooves pin trading and didn't even know that her mom had bought her more ;) Next we opened a package that had a new Halloween Disney lanyard for Maggie to put all her new pins on. All this Disneyland stuff is making me so anxious to go!!! Only 6 more days!!!!!!


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