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Meet a Disney Character.

(2 of 3 completed-San Francisco & Lisbon) Visit three zoos and see a live tiger at each one.

Fly in three different airplanes. (1 of three--Finland to Portugal!)

Have coffee in three different countries. (U.S.A., Finland & Portugal!)

Celebrate a holiday with three different hosts.2 of 3, Halloween with Maggie & Easter with Henn

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San Jose, California, United States of America - 2nd October 2011

By: amb167

Hi, Mom! Today was really exciting! Maggie took me and the dino TV's to a wildlife festival at Alum Rock park. If you look at the pink sign at the park entrance you will see a mountain lion warning! On our walk to the festival we passed a really nice creek that Maggie says usually is much higher, but since it is the end of summer it was pretty low. At the festival there were lots of booths set up where we learned interesting and useful things. There were firefighters and smokey the bear too! Maggie correctly answered a question about caring for our environment and won a fancy sticker sheet. One was a white tiger, like me! I met a really big turtle who let me have a ride on his shell :) Then me and Toothy made a coaster holder with wood and nails. After that we met some very nice snakes and learned a few fun facts about them. The snake people had a alligator head on display and Spiker decided to compare teeth  ;) After the festival we sat down for a yummy picnic, it was so delicious and really hit the spot. Before we left Maggie took us to the playground. They have a funny spider that you can climb on and hang off of and a concrete bird for kids to climb. It was a great day :)

Love you Mom!
Always, Jeremy

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