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Flagstaff, Arizona, USA - 30th October 2008

By: ashl_bee

Today, I ran errands with Ashley. There were lots of different people out and about. Ashley bought a big round orange vegetable and a bunch of different tools. She explained that because Halloween is tomorrow she was gonna carve out a pumpkin. This must be something lots of people do at Halloween time because there were tons of pumpkins at the store.

When we got back to Ashley's room she laid out some newspaper, and I helped her cut a hole in the pumpkin and we removed the insides.

With the tools Ashley bought, there was a book with funny little pictures. Ashley took one and cut it out. Then we traced the pattern onto the pumpkin with a special pointy thing. Ashley let me do most of it at the top.

An hour or so later, after we had used a little saw to cut along the pattern, we ended up with a spider web design on the pumpkin. We had a few accidents and part of it broke, but it still looks great.
You can see all the way down inside of it!

Then the next step is to light it up on the inside. And then the design glows!

Tomorrow evening I will be going to a costume party with Ashley! Hopefully we can get some more pictures!

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