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Homburg, Germany - 5th October 2008

By: Apperveilchen

I'm called Kaspian after the Barometz, the Tartan "cottonsheep", that are said to have lived near the Caspian Sea in mythological times.
These sheep grew as tree-melons, when they were ripe and fell ff the tree, they opened and looked like normal sheep. They were still connected to their mother-tree by the umbilical cord, though, and thus, when the grass within the reach of the tree had all been eaten, they starved.
For wolves they were easy prey. Their flesh tasted like fish and their blood was sweet as honey.
The story might originate from the medieval travelers that returned from Tartan lands and wondered about the previously unknown cotton plants there.
Whatever the origin, I thought the story very sad, but then realized that I live similary.
So I decided to cut my metaphorical umbilical cord and go to see the world and taste different pastures.

My itinerary:
Arizona  ----  ashl_bee

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