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Tartu, Estonia - 24th June 2008

By: MarionJ

Ahoy, to all of you around the world!

My host has been really busy organizing some camps for youngsters, so we haven't had much time to go around. But we were in Tartu which is the second biggest city in Estonia. It's also in the south of the country and the busride takes about 2,25 hours, so not very much. Luckily Estonia is quite small :) When the bus drove from Tallinn to Tartu, all I could see on the way were forests! Forests and fields and small houses. Every once in a while a smaller town and some gas stations, but nothing more. Everywhere was green!
It rained all the time there! As I heard from the news, apparently it rains almost everywhere in Europe right now. :D
This is the pedestrian bridge in Tartu
The river of Emajõgi (Mother's river) runs through Tartu. Actually there's two of them, the Small and the Big one, the big one goes through the city.
The pig that stands in front of the old market house (which still works), with Veggies and Chester
This is the town hall and the town square in Tartu
In front of it is the famous statue of kissing students.
Also a funny house, built like that, crooked or what's the word. But it's like that only from the outside, inside the floors are in level with the normal ground.
We are resting here, Chester and Veggies too
The University of Tartu, the most famous and oldest one here
And the theater Vanemuine. Estonian people go to theater all the time, the tickets are sold out in the first days. :)

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