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Tallinn, Estonia - 26th May 2008

By: MarionJ

So, what is new around here?
The weather is very nice, although windy, so I've got a little sneeze.  :rolleyes:
My host Marion has gone crazy - embroidering all the time  :cyclops: She says she has a plan, but I wouldn'be so sure about it. We'll see what happens or if I need to get some help..
Here I'm with Chester and the embroidery she has finished by now.

We also went to see the national football stadium (or soccer, if you prefer). The A Le Coq Arena (it's named after a beercompany that's their biggest sponsor, pfff).
It is situated near railways and always when there's a big game and a train passes by, the conductor makes toot-toot.

Well, this week will be great because we have a trip planned. I won't tell you more about it, you'll soon hear about it yourself  B)


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