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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 25th June 2008

By: sararingham

Hello! My name is Harold Giraffe I'm a friendly little toy and I'm a friend to all... sadly I thought everyone loved me as much as I loved them until I was stuffed into a big black bag and poured into a bin of other lonely toys... we all told our stories and I realised how horrible it was that we were no longer loved like we thought we were... we just were hoping we would all get adopted by a loving family one day...


Well, today was my lucky day! I got picked up by my mentor and she didn't pay much for me at all - thinking I was worth quite a bit more than 20 cents... she took me home, cleaned me up and put me with her other toys... the other toys told me all about traveling and how they were traveling toys as well. I begged and begged and finally she agreed to send me onto a host as soon as possible. I'm going to be visiting Russia! Wow! I wonder what I'll get to see... I bet my previous owners never saw me traveling like I'm going to.

I'm very excited, but please take care of me as I'm still scared! I'm sure I'll open up soon enough but in the mean time just understand I may have a few abandonment issues... I'll talk to you soon though mom, and I promise to update as often as I can!

Love, Harold

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