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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 8th June 2012

By: emmakko

Today was the day Gwënelle has told me horror stories about: the sauna day!
When the weekend comes Finnish people need to wash away stress and worries. Anyway, they think taking a shower isn't enough. They went to a hot room called sauna, sit there quiet and throw water to the hot stones of the sauna.
This is how it looks inside a typical sauna:
Every sauna needs a sauna elf that takes care of the sauna. This sauna seems to have two sauna mice, too. This is the steamy photo of the elf I met:
And this is the clear one:
Behind me you see kiuas, the heart of the sauna. This is where the heat comes. If you throw water to the hot stones they say "sssshhhhh" and it gets hotter in the sauna.
And how it was to bath in the sauna? Well, hot! But after bathing it was easier to fall asleep!

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